Jan 30, 2014


My mother bought me this Tigersushi Furs pullover from Browns! I wore it to work yesterday for the first time. I love this unusual brand and the name is so funny. I'm very happy with my present. She often does something like this, giving me a present just because she likes giving me something. That's so sweet! And it was a good thing I wore it too, because Ben and Samuel came by at work again today. Again just before my shift ended. As we sat down with our hot chocolates Samuel told me he and Ben were going to have pancakes and he insisted that I would come along too. How could I say no to that?
We went to some cozy place near the forest. There was wood everywhere and with checkered curtains and tablecloths it was like something from a fairytale. I can't believe I didn't know this place existed! Otherwise I would have been a regular, which I probably will be very soon. I love pancakes. My favorite is an apple pancake with cheese, sirup and strawberry jam. I know, it's an odd combination, but it suits me very well. Ben and Samuel were good company. While Samuel colored his placemat Ben and I had the chance to chat a little. We agreed that we liked each other's company and that we should see each other more often. Eek! I really like this man. But what about Oliver? And Ben has a kid, that asks for some responsibility. Somehow I don't think I'd mind at all though. 
After the pancakes we ate ice creams and then the evening came to an end already as Samuel had to go to bed early. We agreed to text each other soon to make plans again. Yippee! 

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