Jan 20, 2014

I'm so happy!

My Date!

My date with Oliver was fantastic. We met at the entrance of the park and fortunately it was a sunny day. I wore a dress, but I put on leggings, warm Dr. Martens boots and a thick coat to resist the cold. We saw plenty of deer and some sheep and we sat down at a cute little bench near a lake.
  Oliver told me a bit about his work and about his private life. He's 31 years old, has two older brothers and he's doing research at our local university. Our library has a huge archive and that's why he came by so many times, to look at certain documents and papers. I'm still so glad he did. We have a lot in common. He likes to read and is interested in all sorts of information. He likes road trips in the summer and he's quite a romantic guy. Which he proved with an afternoon tea after we spent about two hours talking and walking around. He planned the whole thing in advance. He made reservations at a tea house and booked a window seat so we had a magnificent view. A glass of champagne was brought to our table just a few minutes after our arrival. The food was delicious and we spent more time talking. Time flew by. I'm so happy! And what's even better, we planned a second date already. On Saturday evening he'll take me out for dinner. His choice, so I'm going to be surprised again. I just can't believe my luck!

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