Jan 21, 2014

If I could wear these to work...

If I could wear these to work that would be fantastic! As they're a bit expensive and are from the most famous shoe brand in the world, Christian Louboutin, this is never going to happen. But a girl can dream... I love the beads. As you might have noticed, I like a bit of color. Ok, maybe a lot. When I'm reading stories for the children in the kid's section those shoes would be so well loved. They notice everything and always ask lots of questions. About my clothes, my hair, my parents, my love life, etcetera. That's why I like working with children so much, they are honest and usually they ask whatever they want to know. 
I think almost every woman loves shoes and it's so easy to buy a pair when there's a bit of money left over. Beauties as these I will never own because I don't earn nearly enough to even save for them, but then I think about the joy my work brings. I would never trade my job for more money. Especially the afternoons with all those happy little faces make my week. I wouldn't miss them for the world. Not even for a pair of shoes as special as these. 

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