Jan 12, 2014

Great bag!

Unfortunately January is the month in which I'm always broke. Holidays cost way more than I calculated beforehand and I usually end up spending most of my savings on Christmas presents. Which I love buying and I'm a big fan of fancy wrapping too. I have to watch myself not to go over the top too much, but a little bit is allowed.
As soon as I have money again I'd like to buy this bag. I'm pretty sure that any book will look good in it and the little hearts and all the accessories are really cute. You can find it at http://www.pauls-boutique.com/. 
The best finds happen when you have no money. Fortunately I can comfort myself with one or two digital books and by looking at the great presents I received for Christmas. In the coming days I'll share some of both with you.
Then there's always the wish list. I see myself walking around with this bag for sure. There's so much space. I can bring at least three books, my phone, my wallet and a make up bag. So this will be the first thing on my list for this year. And showing things to all of you is going to be so much fun! As you can see this bag has made me at least a little happy even when I don't own it.

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