Jan 18, 2014

Girls' Night In part 2: Presents!

Louise found a very serious job at a bank and this was the piece of clothing that she wanted to trade with one of us. As this is perfect for my afternoon in the kid's corner I snatched it right away. It's from the brand Lolitas and Lolos and can be purchased at Tealuna which is a fabulous French web store.  

This present is also one Louise wanted to trade. It's an iPhone 4 cover from Lamarelle. As she doesn't have an iPhone 4 the gift wasn't of much use to her. I'm so happy with my new cover. It's absolutely adorable and I feel pretty lucky that she wanted to trade this gift with me.

Jenna doesn't like cute so much, so I'm now the proud owner of a Lillebi pillow. Lillebi is so cute. If you want one as well, you can find it at the following online store: Herding. The pillow I have is the bottom one. 

Naomi also has a serious job, she works for our local government. As she always has to wear a suit she doesn't have much use for this wonderful backpack. For me it's perfect as I can use it for my books and it's very suitable for my library job, so I can use it every day. I saw one online at Asos which I use a lot for shopping as they have great offers and the shipping's always free.

These socks also come from Asos. Jenna got them as a Christmas present, but they don't fit. Fortunately they fit me perfectly and they will go very well with my pajamas or a stay at home outfit. Even then I will look pretty cute. 

As you can see I'm pretty lucky with plenty of great additional Christmas presents and a nice shirt. Of course I won't tell you what I've traded to get these. That wouldn't be very nice of me. The Girls' night in was a huge success. They stayed until early in the morning and we're now updated on the latest news and gossip. I've told them all about my date and they were very supportive. I've received plenty of good advice to make it as perfect as possible. When you keep reading my post you'll learn more about my friends for sure. We're a very tight group and have been friends since kindergarten. We have plenty of themed gatherings, but we also meet one on one. The next annual event will be in February. I'll keep you posted.

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