Jan 25, 2014

Friday evening dinner

I spent my Friday evening with Jenna and Naomi. We went to a very cute Italian restaurant for dinner. It was a very old fashioned kind of place with red and white checkered tablecloths and big dripping candles in wine bottles on the table. The food was wonderful and as usual time flew by. We weren't with the whole gang as Lizzy and Louise were having dates. I'm pretty sure I will hear all about those soon enough. Jenna wore this fabulous jeans by Blank NYC. It looked great on her and I saw Naomi lusting after it in the same way I did. 
We talked about my complicated dating life and especially about Ben. After texting with him quite a few times I agreed to see him on Sunday evening. Samuel is with his mother during the weekend and he asked me to come over. I already have a date with Oliver tonight and two dates on the same day is a big fat NO. On Sunday afternoon I'm having brunch with my family, so my weekend is fully booked with many fun things. Naomi had some breaking man news herself. She's going on a date with her boss. Eek! I can't picture myself dating my boss, but hers is actually a pretty cute guy who's only ten years older. She likes him so much that she's willing to risk her job for it. That's pretty serious and I guess it will either end in unemployment with long sobbing sessions or marriage. Of course I'm hoping it will be a wedding, I so love dressing up as a bridesmaid. Even if the dress is ugly and I look terrible. And I want to see my friend happy.
After dinner we went to Jenna's place to drink some more wine as we weren't done drinking and chatting. I stayed the night as I didn't want to go home by myself in the middle of the night. And that was a pretty lucky decision as Jenna can make a mean breakfast. Now I have to get ready for my date!

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