Jan 27, 2014

Family brunch

On Sunday afternoon I went to my family's Sunday brunch. My parents usually cook a whole buffet with both warm and cold food as there are so many of us. My older sister Dawn and her husband Seth have three kids, Phoebe, Marcy and Robert, with them it's already full house. Then of course Sandy and Ben came over. They brought Sandy's sister Stella with them. And grandma, grandpa, aunt Giselle and uncle Peter were present. I always love seeing everybody again. Aunt Giselle and uncle Peter are like a second set of parents for me. I spent so many weeks staying over at their farm. I do miss those days, but fortunately I'm still always welcome and I got over there for a weekend every now and then. 
As always I played with my nieces and nephew for a long time. They all looked good and happy. Things at home haven't been too easy lately as Seth has been ill for the past couple of months, but he finally seems to be on the mend. That was cause to celebrate, so several bottles of bubbles were opened. I don't think I ever drank so much champagne in one year even let alone in only a weekend. 
Dawn is a typical older sister, she's bossy and over protective, but she's also sweet and caring. And she always brings me a gift from work. She has a busy job managing a chain of department stores, but and to bring in some extra cash to pay for the mortgage now that Seth isn't working she started selling cosmetics. Both online and to a small group of upscale clientele. It's working surprisingly well. She brought me this Alchemy palette which is part of the Fantasy palettes series of Lime Crime. I tried it on this morning and it has a lot of pigment. It's a bit different in texture from most eye shadows, but with the right kind of brushes it works very well, the dark blue looked like eye liner and I put the purple and yellow above. I'm very pleased with my palette! Thank you Dawn! 
Jason and Sandy made their announcement. I'm so happy for them! Secretly I'm also a bit jealous, I would love to have such a life for myself as well. I'm sure the right guy will come along though. Maybe I'm even dating him already? There wasn't enough time to properly chat to my parents, so I'm going over for dinner later this week. I didn't bother them too much, because they live for family afternoons. This was Christmas all over. It was such a lot of fun! 

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