Jan 26, 2014

Dinner with Oliver

I was pretty nervous for my date with Oliver as he texted me the dress code for the restaurant we'd be visiting would be smart. Fortunately I had a black dress somewhere at the back of my closet. I think I looked pretty good, but I didn't feel completely at ease. Oliver wore a suit which looked pretty expensive. He picked me up in his brand new fancy car and then we drove to a farm in the middle of nowhere. There was valet parking and the hostess was dressed much better than me in expensive designer clothes. I was thoroughly impressed. The restaurant was fancy, but very warm and cozy. We had a table near the fireplace. Then Oliver ordered a bottle of Deutz champagne. He ordered the pink bottle especially because he knew I'd like it. After drinking a few sips I started to feel more comfortable. I expected every guest at the restaurant to be super rich, but most people looked just like us. It was my first time in such a high class place and I enjoyed it very much.
The waiter proposed the menu du jour and we gladly took it as it all sounded delicious. We ate scallops with red beets, the most delicious and tender steak I've ever eaten and we were spoiled with plenty of appetizers. The desert was a pineapple soufflĂ©, need I say more? Then Oliver ordered a coffee and I ordered a pot of tea. At that time they walked around with a small carriage filled with cookies, chocolates, sweets, caramels and ice cream. They served little shots of desert wine with it and I got to taste serval of them. It was wonderful. 
The champagne made me quite rosy and the atmosphere and the company made my evening extra special. It was a perfect and romantic date. And this was only our second time together! I got to know Oliver a lot better. We talked about our families and friends and he told me he'd love to introduce me to all of them. That's a bit quick don't you think? But it's also endearing. He's a sweet man and he was a perfect gentlemen. Right until the end when he kissed me by the front door, but didn't want to come in as it was only our second date. He's a good kisser and I think it's no surprise that we'll go on another date next weekend!

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