Jan 24, 2014

Dinner with Gina

Yesterday I went to my friend Gina to have dinner with her family. It's so strange to see that she has a happy family with two sweet little daughters already and that I'm not even in a relationship yet. We still are the best of friends and I'm very fond of four year old Brenda and Audrey who are identical twins. That's also why I brought them both the same doll. I found this doll on Amazon and it's so cute. I can't help but wanting one for myself as well. I keep telling myself to grow up and not like such things anymore, but I can't seem to do it. I greatly admire Gina who seems like a wise mother. I'm afraid my household would be terribly chaotic with me at the center of the chaos. I look forward to becoming a parent myself though, not yet, but in the future. For now I just borrow Gina's kids every once in a while to do crafts, read stories and play hide and seek. 
Gina's a great cook. She made some kind of chicken dish, very healthy, but still so delicious that the kids emptied their plates in no time. After dinner her husband put the children in bed and we had the chance to do some catching up. She advised me to go on dates with both Ben and Oliver at first as I don't know them well yet and if I choose now I might go for the wrong guy. It's certainly the best advise for me, but I'm probably going to make them really angry when they find out. Ben hasn't given me a reason for going out with me yet, so we might just be friends. There are those little butterflies in my stomach who are teasing me, but I had them when I saw Oliver too. Gina says I always make a mess of things at first, but later things work out anyway. I'm going to keep that in mind.
As the twins are in kindergarten now Gina's looking for a job. I've heard about a vacancy  in the art library next door to my work place. Tomorrow I'm going to set up an interview for her. I know the manager pretty well and I'm sure she'd want to meet Gina. I'm so excited as that means we'd get to see each other much more often!

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