Jan 15, 2014

Custo sale!

Ever since I discovered Custo Barcelona I've been a big fan. I bought my first long sleeve top when I was still a teenager and have been trying to save for at least one item of Custo clothing per season. Now I still have to choose something which I can't wait to do! I don't know which of these pieces it's going to be yet, but I'm pretty sure that whatever I choose it will be worn plenty of times and I'm going to be extremely happy with it. 
I usually wear my tops to work and get many compliments about them. I always feel confident when I have them on and they last a long time. When I'm finished with them they can have a second life being cut up. The pieces can be used to make a patchwork. The designs are too beautiful to throw away and they look wonderful on a pillow or blanket.

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