Jan 31, 2014

Chinti and Parker

When I'm having a weak moment I find myself coming back to Chinti and Parker's website every single time. I'd love to have one of these pullovers, or even better, both. Even their sale prices are far above my budget, but I like their sweaters with hearts and stars a lot! 
The question is why was I having a weak moment this time? It's very superficial, but going on dates two or three times a week leaves me with wardrobe problems. I don't think I have anything suitable to wear anymore after this weekend. Fortunately my sister saved me as usual as she called me yesterday to ask me to go shopping with her on Saturday. Sales here I come! And it will be so nice to spend a few hours alone with my sister. I love her family a lot, but some sister time every now and then is something I won't say no to for sure. 

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