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Nov 22, 2014

Saturday's Etsy Favorites!

Sweet Kiss Jewelry

 Every Saturday I'm showing you the items I've added to my Etsy Favorites. I wish I could buy all of them as they're so pretty!

Lilli Rose Creations

Petite Blasa
Knits Adorable




Vee Accessories

Maris Alley


Happy Mail giveaway!

I've received so many great things lately and it's absolutely wonderful. As I love sending mail I'm organizing another happy mail giveaway. One winner will receive everything on this photo. Good luck!

I will contact the winner via twitter or by email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go someone else. This giveaway is worldwide. 

Guest post: Julie Shackman talks about her book Hero or Zero!

What Makes A Hero?

By Julie Shackman

Who would be your perfect Hero?

Is it someone tall, dark and brooding like Mr Darcy……? Sorry, I got a bit distracted there.

Or is it someone who has a real zest for life and is always putting others first?

This was one of the questions I kept asking myself whilst I was writing my new romcom “Hero or


My protagonist Chloe Jones, has two loves in her life – her gorgeous seven year old son Danny and

the other is the heartthrob TV actor Ethan Blake.

But what is it they say? You should never meet your Hero?

For Chloe has put Ethan on a pedestal and imagines him to be the very same, tall, dark and brave

character she sees on her TV screen….

But is he?

Maybe she should be looking a bit closer to home to find her real Hero….!

Julie Shackman

Blurb - "Hero or Zero"

When single mum Chloe Jones wins a magazine competition to have TV heartthrob Ethan Blake live with her for a month, she thinks her dreams have come true. And the presence of the handsome star in her home and small Scottish town certainly causes a stir. But when Chloe begins to see his true colours, will she find the courage to face him, and admit where her heart truly lies?
Author Bio - I trained as a journalist but writing romance has always been a dream of mine. When I’ve not got my head in a book or drafting one, I write verses and captions for greetings card companies. Writing at home seems to be incredibly difficult for me – I usually require coffee, music and noise.

My second romcom, "Hero or Zero" has just been released. “Rock My World” was my debut romcom. I’m married, have two sons and live in Scotland.

Nov 21, 2014

Counteract by Tracy Lawson

Two strangers-their destinies entwined-must work together to thwart a terrorist the country never suspected.

The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism for the last fifteen years with the full backing of the US government. Their carefully crafted list of Civilian Restrictions means no concerts or sporting events, no travel, no social media, no cash transactions, and no driver's licenses for eighteen-year-olds Tommy and Careen. The OCSD has even outlawed grocery stores, all in the name of safety.

Now, there's a new threat-airborne chemical weapons that could be activated at any time. But the OCSD has an antidote: Just three drops a day is all it takes to stay safe. It's a small price to pay for safety.

Or is it...

Review by Anniek:

A decade from now the government has taken over everything. Everyone can be checked with every single thing that they do. You can only have a car for instance if your job requires you to have one. There are limitations at how much food you can buy and there are only 3 television channels you can watch. The government states that this is all to keep the people safe. When they announce that a terrorist attack is coming they tell everyone to go and pick up the antidote. What the people don’t know is that they can track who takes the antidote and who doesn’t. The people who question the antidote or the motives of the government are silently being ‘erased’.

The story revolves around Tommy and Careen. Tommy is devastated after losing his parents in a car crash and Careen is a class A student. A police officer who is also part of the resistance makes sure that Tommy and Careen meet each other. When the next dose of antidote hasn't been delivered and the old dose wears out Tommy and Careen are coming to their senses, what if the government is lying? And if they are, what are they going to do about it?!

The author has written a very good and solid story. I could play the images in my head while I was reading. I kept on asking myself what would I do if I'd be in the same situation? Would I believe everything the government is telling me and would I take the antidote without questions asked?
What would I do if everyone else is taking the antidote and I have my doubts? I’m challenging you all to ask yourself the same questions!
Tracy Lawson can write very well and the story will definitely keep you thinking. I kept on reading because I wanted to know what would happen next. When I thought that scenario A would happen, Tracy Lawson ‘tricked’ me and the story would go in a completely different direction. I love it when someone can write a story that way.

Counteract is the first book in The Resistance Trilogy. At the end of this first book you will get a glimpse of how the story continues in Resist. Which will be book 2. I read on Amazon that the third book will be Revolt which Tracy Lawson is working on now. 

Milked by Lisa Doyle

Milked by Lisa Doyle

By and large, Amanda Keane makes pretty good decisions. Okay, she might not

have the best taste in men, but she’s got great friends, a good job, and an

independent spirit. That is, until her 30th birthday ushers in a whirlwind romance

with a sexy Irish musician who leaves her, not at the altar as she imagined, but

accidentally pregnant. And when he disappears, she’s downsized out of a job,

her apartment is robbed, and lapsed health insurance coverage leaves her with a

C-section to pay for, Amanda is launched headfirst into the life of a broke single

mom. But her friend and uber successful ob-gyn, Joy, clues her in to an unlikely

temp position with one of Chicago’s celebrity elite that just may be the answer to

all her woes. Or could it be just the beginning?

It’s with serious trepidation that Amanda embarks on her surprisingly lucrative

new career: underground wet nurse to the offspring of Chi-town’s rich and

famous. Amanda must quickly understand how to live at the whims and mercy of

the one percent as she deals with the irony of nursing – and loving – someone

else’s child, while still making ends meet for her own daughter. And then there’s

Cute Daycare Dad (aka Dan), who’s obviously interested in her. But can she

afford to tell him what she really does for a living? Is her new job (something she

thought went out with the 19th century) a shameful thing? Just another way of

selling her body? Or does it have something to teach her after all?

A novel of motherhood, its many demands, and all the little triumphs along the

way, MILKED is a warm and witty debut about making tough choices and

traveling the roundabout road to happiness.

Fly Okay? Illustration is Etsy Seller of the Week!

My Etsy Seller of the Week is Fly Okay? Illustration. Sara makes the most gorgeous whimsical illustrations. I love them!

I immediately noticed the colors, they're beautiful and they're giving the pictures a bit of a vintage looking effect, which I really like. 

I love the friendships between the girls/women and the animals. It's wonderful and beautiful.

Find out a bit more about Sara:

Fly, Okay? Illustration

Fly, Okay? Illustration is Sara Wilson. Originally from Michigan, Sara now resides in Denver, Colorado. When Sara is not creating, she enjoys snowboarding, nerding out about anime, hanging out with her homie, or baking. 

 Sara started her etsy shop as a young teen and has since kept it up. Over the years Sara has grown alongside her etsy shop, always trying to keep fresh and new work available. Sara prints all of her Giclees in her studio.

 Sara is inspired by the likes of Japanese anime and classic Disney cartoons. 

In Sara's shop you will find art prints in different sizes. It will be a joy to have one hanging on your wall.

 Sara takes custom orders as well, so if you want her to make something especially for you feel free to ask her.

Visit Sara's website to see more of her artwork: You will also find a wonderful blog you can follow. 

Sara will send a wonderful prize to one lucky reader. The winner can choose a 5x7 art print from the shop. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will contact the winner on twitter or by email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. 

Find Me I'm Yours by Hillary Carlip & Giveaway

If you believe in destiny like I do, and you think there's even a remote possibility we're meant to be together, then find me I'm yours." —Mr. WTF

In one sentence—one serendipitous moment—everything Mags Marclay, an offbeat, wry, 24-year-old struggling artist living in L.A., has ever known is forever changed as she is led on a treasure hunt to find her soul mate.

Find Me I’m Yours is a highly entertaining, unconventional virtual page-turner. Become immersed in Mags’s world through original artwork, hand-written lists, graphics, and Instagram photos within the book. You can go even deeper into the Find Me I’m Yours universe by clicking on embedded links leading to interactive content that’s expertly woven through the novel, including:

Original rom-com style VIDEOS that star the handsome stranger Mags dubs “Mr. WTF,” who gives clues to the hunt.
Thirty-three unique, custom-designed WEBSITES that further the narrative, blur the lines between fiction and reality, and offer endless ways for you to enjoy additional original content, including reality and comedy series featuring A-list talent.
OPPORTUNITIES for you to share your own content (artwork, stories, songs, apologies, wishes, etc.), interact, connect, and personally engage with the story.

This revolutionary CLICK LIT® novel was conceived from the get-go as an ever-expanding, multi-platform entertainment experience. Created, written, and designed by award-winning author, artist, and digital innovator Hillary Carlip, and co-created, directed, and produced by Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated TV comedy writer/producer/director Maxine Lapiduss, Find Me I’m Yours is a game changer in the way that stories are told and experienced. 
Maggie believes in true love and she sees her best friend and her husband as her number one example. Maggie is a 24 year old artist who doesn't do the kind of work she loves. When her friend suggests she'd start a video project she buys a camera. As she's broke she needs a cheap, but reliable option. She finds what she's looking for, but it comes with something extra. On a video message there's a cute guy who's set up a treasure hunt to find his soul mate. Maggie loves the idea and she starts hunting for clues to find him as he might be the one. She finds out more and more about the guy she might end up with and in the process she also discovers more about herself. Will she find the man she's destined to be with or is the whole treasure hunt just a joke?
I loved this book. The concept is something extraordinary. Find Me I'm Yours comes with numerous links to click, websites to visit, polls to fill out, messages to listen to and art to look at. Every single visual aspect is fabulous and the same goes for the writing. The mix of the two is the best thing about this book. I had so much fun looking at all the cool features. I didn't want to miss anything. The video messages are really good as they're believable and not too real to become strained. I think it's all the items combined that makes this book so special. It's the complete experience I fell in love with, not just the writing or the visuals. I read Find Me I'm Yours on my iPad and that was perfect as everything was easy to access. Find Me I'm Yours is something unusual that's new and original, I'm sure you will love it. I liked the fact that Maggie doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. She also thinks things through and she's smart. She's the perfect heroine for a story like this, but she isn't alone, everyone else in her life contributes to the quality of the story. I can see a lot of work went into this novel and for me it's a great success. I enjoyed it very much!

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