Nov 29, 2015

Australia Days Giveaway: Jasper Macrame Necklace

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Nov 28, 2015

Australia Days Book Review: Beyond Innocence by Joanna Lloyd

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Review by Suze

It's 1819 and Electra, an English lady, used to live her life in luxury, but something unfortunate happens to her and her life changes drastically. All of a sudden she's a prisoner and is being shipped away. She's on her way to New South Wales where she's supposed to remain for the duration of her seven-year sentence. Things are looking bad, but then she meets William. He's escaped his father and ex-fiancee and has come to Australia to make a new life for himself. The beautiful fierce and fiery redhead Electra intrigues him and he decides to offer her a marriage of convenience. 

Electra finds herself back in society, but she isn't the same person she used to be. She has to find her way in a new country and is now a convict. She does like William, but can they ever love one another? She's determined to make something of her life and she's a strong woman, but she also has her limits. She will be tested again and again. Will she be able to survive?

Beyond Innocence is a beautiful story about a woman who hasn't had much luck in life. Electra might have lived in luxury for a while, but her life has never been very happy. I immediately liked her, because she's so courageous, full of energy and honest. William is a kind man, but he's extra careful as he's been hurt very much in the past. They're both stubborn which sometimes made me want to scream at them. I love it when I feel like that when I'm reading something as that means I care a lot about what happens in the story.

I didn't want Beyond Innocence to end. I could have happily kept reading. I really liked this book. It was great to read about what life was like on a big farm in Australia almost 200 years ago, to learn more about what people had to go through back then and to find out how society worked in that era. Joanna Lloyd writes vividly. I could easily picture William's beautiful farm and his wonderful friends. I love Joanna Lloyd's writing, she has a good pace that made me want to keep reading. If you like a good historical countryside romance you will definitely love this book.

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Australia Days: Interview with Bridie Blake

Interview with Bridie Blake by Anniek

1. Could you tell a bit about yourself?

I live in Melbourne, Australia and am very lucky to have my friends and family live nearby, and even luckier to have my parents (and their fully stocked kitchen) within walking distance. I work five days a week in administration and the majority of my spare time is spent writing.

I have a dog, Poppy, and cat, Mac and until I have kids those two are my babies! And I’m one of those people who takes an insane number of photos of my animals and then forces people to look at how cute they are. If you meet me, you’ve been warned!

I hate to fly, but love to travel so I’m waiting on someone to invent a machine that transports me from one country to another in a flash. Fingers crossed. 

2. How does it make you feel to learn that Violet is loved just as much by your readers as by you?

Ecstatic! As a writer, you spend so much time getting to know your characters, being inside their heads and feeling what they’re feeling, and when someone tells you they love your characters it’s a pretty special thing. That’s what you want. You want readers to identify and sympathize with them. You want them to finish the book and remember the characters you created. I was a little worried in creating Violet that some people might get frustrated with her and not see past some of her flaws, but so far the response to her has been great. 

3. I love it that you tell on your website how A Distant Voice came to life:
What made you write about this?

I love hearing where authors get their ideas from. Imaginations are a wonderful thing and I think it’s interesting to find out how people go from one simple thought to having a story, or a song or poem written. 

I have a friend who is a fellow writer and we’re constantly having discussions about our story ideas and where they come from, and it’s something I like to share with people. Plus, I love talking about writing and every step of the process so I see it as another avenue to talk about what I love.

4. You have a large family. You are one of nine children. If we would ask one of your siblings to describe you what would they say?

I wish it were something cool like ‘she’s fearless’ or ‘she’s one of the smartest people I know’, but they’d be lying. If you asked my youngest brother he’d probably tell you that I’m boring. Or annoying. I live alone so when I go over to my parents’ place I do tend to talk a bit. And ask questions. Hey, I’m a writer. I’m supposed to be inquisitive.

They’d probably say I’m a daydreamer. I’ve always been a daydreamer, and I always will be.

5. On your website you are introducing the characters of A Distant Voice to your readers. Did you have these images of them before you finished your book or did it come to you afterward?

I always have images in my head of my characters because it helps me form their personalities. I wish I had the ability to draw so I could paint them how they appear in my mind but sadly the best I can do is a stick figure. So, I go to the next best thing, which is the internet and celebrities. When I first came up with Violet, Hailee Steinfeld popped into my mind.

The images on my website I found after I’d finished the book and was working on my book trailer. Luckily they ended up being fairly spot on to what I had in my mind. Although I struggled to find the right Carter. When I first thought of him, I had Matt Lauria from Friday Night Lights in my head.

6. Who is your favorite character and why?

If I’m choosing one I’ve created, I pick Violet. She can annoy me at times but I love her. Flaws and all. I found it really easy to stay in her character while I wrote her and never felt the need to switch POVs at any time because I loved following her thought process and reactions to things. She’s impulsive with her words when she’s angry and then has to live with the consequences of them, and she’s very unsure of herself and awkward when offering a kind or supportive word.

My favourite book character of all time is Sirius Black (and coincidentally he’s Violet’s too). From the moment he appeared in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I was hooked. He suffered and lost so much, but his belief in what was right stayed with him to the end. His relationship with Harry was one of my favourite parts of the Harry Potter series. 

7. What do you daydream about the most?

Story ideas, plot lines and character conversations take up about 90% of my daydreaming. They go through my head non-stop. When I’m not thinking about those things I daydream about anything and everything. Travelling, recipes I want to try, characters and storylines I wish had never been introduced into shows, books I want to read, books I wish were made into movies. Everything!

8. You love musicals. If you could be in one which one will you choose and why?

How do I choose?? I think I’d lean towards Wicked. I’ve seen the production a number of times, I listen to the soundtrack non-stop and dream of a movie version.

Telling such a well known and loved story from the perspective of the villain is such an interesting concept. I've read the book it's loosely based on and found that just as interesting. By the end of the book and show, you're rooting for the Wicked Witch over Dorothy. It's great! 

I know the words to all the songs and have been known to belt them out with a friend of mine, who will probably hate me for mentioning that! ‘For Good’ is a favourite. And I love ‘No Good Deed’. Well, there’s not really a song I don’t love so yes, definitely Wicked. I wouldn’t even care what part I played. I’d happily stand there and pretend to be a tree. 

9. On the first three places of your top five Contemporary Young Adult Books you have placed books from the author Melina Marchetta.
Could you tell us why she (and her books) are so amazing?

I’m a tad Melina Marchetta obsessed! Her books are incredible and if you love YA, you need to read her. She pulls you into her stories from page one and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster no matter how many times you read it. She can have you laughing one minute, and then on the next page you’re sobbing. She’s a master at it. I will read anything she writes.

10. If you could be anybody for one day who would you be and why?

J.K. Rowling because I’d love to be the genius mind behind Harry Potter. Even if it is just for one day. And in being her for the day I’d know all the answers to every question I’ve ever had about the series. Life would be pretty sweet.

11. What are your plans for the future?

Books, books and more books. I love writing and I don’t ever want to stop. I’m working on a new Contemporary YA at the moment and I’m hoping to have the second draft completed before Christmas. I also have an idea for a follow up to A Distant Voice. Over the Christmas break I’ll work on an outline and see if there’s a story behind the idea. If not, I have plenty of other stories waiting to be told.

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A review of A Distant Voice will follow soon. I highly recommend this book!

Australia Days Etsy Spotlight & Giveaway: Suze Loves Blue Lily Crafts

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Nov 27, 2015

Australia Days Book Review: McKellan's Run by Nicole Hurley-Moore

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Review by Suze

Violet Beckett and the McKellan brothers have a history. Violet used to be the girlfriend of one of the McKellan brothers and their relationship didn't end well. She and her sister left Violet Falls in a hurry back then, but now Violet is back in town again together with her daughter Holly. She's inherited a house and she plans on making it a great home for Holly. She's a successful event organizer from the city and fortunately there's plenty of work for her in the town as well.

 Mac McKellan used to be Violet's best friend. He wanted them to be more, but his older brother was the lucky one who was Violet's boyfriend. He's happy she's back and glad he has the chance to get to know her again. He liked her back then and he likes her now, but he isn't sure he has a chance with Violet. Especially not after what his brother did to her...

Mac owns McKellan's Run and he's good at what he does, he's dedicated to the farm that has been in his family for generations and wants to make it the best it can be. He knows his heart and lives with passion. I liked that a lot, it makes him a great main character. I also loved reading about Violet. She never gives up, she's unbelievably strong and she takes good care of the people she loves. They are the ideal main characters and they made me enjoy this story very much. 

McKellan's run is an ideal setting for a romantic story. I loved the small town and the family histories. Violet Falls is a wonderful place to read about. I loved the atmosphere and read most of this story with a smile on my face. I read it in one sitting, because I didn't want to put it down before I knew if Violet and Mac would get there happy ending. If you're looking for a great romantic story that will lift your spirits McKellan's Run is definitely the right book for you.

Australia Days Guest Post: What was your reason for writing Gallipoli Street? by Mary-Anne O'Connor

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What was your reason for writing Gallipoli Street? What was your vision?

I am the granddaughter of an Anzac. 

Even though I never met my grandfather James Dennis Clancy he was somehow very close to me. Being the youngest girl out of twenty-six grandchildren, the experiences he went through during the war reverberated in waves, down through his children and onto our shores. War is like that. Those that survive have more than physical scars. It affects every significant and seemingly insignificant act and thought, because, even though the killing is over, the memories cannot be so easily buried.

As a child I was fascinated by my grandfather’s story: a seventeen year old boy who went to war then came home to raise a large family during the Depression. My Nana was very close to us, spending her final years in our home. I only wish there was a larger word for generosity but it will have to suffice in my description of her. And she was so incredibly selfless I can understand why my grandfather loved her so much. Enough to fight his memory demons of Gallipoli and the Somme. Enough to keep moving forward to find peace within after war. 

She spoke of him sometimes, when pressed (usually by me), but I think it hurt her too much and she would shrug with a tear and say ‘…anyway. Things were different back then.’ 

They were different. Like many returned soldiers he struggled to find work and there was no treatment for PSD…not even a term for it. My mother watched their pain as they tried to make ends meet, then the unspeakable cruelty of watching their sons, her brothers, go to yet another brutal war. 

And then there was the death of my Uncle Wally, leaving my Aunty Iris a pregnant widow at seventeen. Mum talks often, even now, of the fear of a telegram. She is 81.

Their story was deeply embedded inside me, perhaps because I knew my grandfather dreamed of being a writer - he even had some small works of fiction published - but opportunity was not something that came easily his way. Not when you left school at ten and shot your first man seven years later. 

So if you ask me what my ‘vision’ was in writing this novel I would answer it was more of a calling. Someone’s life I had to bring back and lay on paper. Of course my character Jack is fictional and I’ve made up another world and another story, but the essence is there of James. Stories passed down through my family. Little things Nana said, memories my mother, father, aunts and uncles shared. The ‘outcome’ has been incredible fulfilment and humbling honour, highlighted when Iris went to the book launch and lit a candle for Wally. She passed away recently, laying with him in rest at last, seventy-one years later.

Gallipoli Street is just a story but it holds true emotions and true people in its heart. I hope that it tells of the true cost of war, shows the depth that love and courage can attain and sends out to all who read it a message of peace.

Lest we forget.

James Clancy, 1915

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Australia Days: Introduction

This is the second time I'm organizing an Australia themed event. The last one was a lot of fun and because I received several review requests from Australian authors and Etsy shops I decided to repeat it. I've given it the name Australia Days as last time it took me a bit longer than a week to feature everything I discovered. Of course I want to make sure I'll be able to feature every great thing I find.

I've already read quite a few books set in Australia or books by authors from Australia set in the UK and I love them all. I spent hours dreaming away. I can totally picture myself in a vibrant Australian city or a beautiful country town. I wish I could hop on a plane and go there tomorrow. For now I have to use my imagination, the stories of others and the abundance of beautiful photos I can find online. 

I hope you will be as enchanted by Australia as I am and that you will dream with me. There will be plenty of book reviews, interviews, guest posts, shop reviews and giveaways. Everything is accessible worldwide. Preparing for this event has been great and I can't wait to start with my posts. I hope you will enjoy my Australia Days as much as I do!

Nov 26, 2015

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Nov 25, 2015

Giveaway: Decodelire, L'Occitane, Books by Jenny Colgan, Gemstone Necklaces & Tea

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Book Review: Butterfly Dreams by A. Meredith Walters

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Review by Suze

Corin has lost both of her parents while she was still a teenager. Now that she's an adult she's still struggling with the consequences of that terrible loss. She's afraid of death and thinks something bad will happen to her. When she meets Beckett, a man who has a heart disease, who is trying to be positive and keep on living his life to the fullest, something changes. Both Beckett and Corin have to deal with their mortality in a completely different way and they find comfort with each other. They don't know what the future will have in store for them, but they're trying to make the most of the present...

Butterfly Dreams is a beautiful story about a difficult topic, mortality. A. Meredith Walters has described this in such a tender and compassionate way, I loved that. Corin and Beckett's direct communication and jokes are the perfect counterpart which makes the story balanced and complete. Corin's issues are mainly psychological and Beckett's are physical. They support one another and complement each other. They are both admirable people. I liked them immediately and was touched by their story.

I read this book with a smile on my face, but also with tears in my eyes. Butterfly Dreams is a story that makes the reader feel and think a lot. I like how important questions about life and living are being raised and how both of the main characters are trying to find their own answers to them. Corin and Beckett are beautiful people. This book can certainly be judged by its cover, it's as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside. Butterfly Dreams is moving, hopeful, realistic and very, very special. 

Interview With Linn B. Halton & Giveaway


1) Could you introduce yourself to my readers?

Hi Readers! My name is Linn B Halton and I began writing in March 2009. It was rather like opening the floodgates when I (finally) found myself in front of the computer with one aim – to realise my dream of becoming an author. I wrote five manuscripts, literally one after the other without stopping. I edit as I go, usually focusing on about fifty pages at a time, before moving on, and then do a full edit/review once it’s complete. I then look at it again after about three months, when I can see it with a fresh set of eyes!After a few months I thought I’d better find out what you actually do once you write ‘The End’ and that involved a lot of very late nights on the computer. But it meant that while I was on my writing marathon I did at least submit my first manuscript - which was accepted. By the time it was published (Feb 2011 in hardcover only) I had put down my writing pen for a while to set up my first website

2) You have a website called Loveahappyending and you write romance, what do you like so much about it?

Loveahappyending Lifestyle emagazine has a group of contributors, of which the vast majority are authors. It has a wide range of life and style articles - everything from film reviews and gardening tips, to relationship advice and – of course - books! For me life is about celebrating the positive things, in a world where negativity seems to grab the headlines all too frequently. Yes, bad things are happening all the time, but there’s also a lot of GOOD being done out there on a daily basis. Kind acts and deeds, people taking the time out of a busy day to listen to someone in need of a shoulder to cry on, so the online magazine celebrates the good things in life. As a former interior designer, my regular column is ‘Home by Design’ and I write about projects that can be done around the house that are relatively inexpensive. It’s fun to do!

I am in incurable romantic – I think love really does ‘make the world go around’ and most people begin dating in the hope of finding their one, true soulmate. I found mine and discovered that love is so much more than just that first flush of instant attraction. It deepens as the years go by, and I know that, with my husband by my side, no matter what life throws at me I can cope. I suppose that’s why I write about the pursuit of love, because I want my characters to find that same intensity, passion, and sense of fulfilment that true love can give you.

3) Your main characters often have psychic experiences. I love that little bit of magic. What makes it so special for you?

Even when there is no psychic element involved in the storyline, I usually find a little reference creeps in, often without realising it. Feeling spirits around me is so much a part of my daily life that it’s as natural to me as talking about the weather. Psychic experiences have been a part of my life since I was a very young child. It took me many years to accept it and ‘believe’, simply because it’s far easier not to believe. It took a shared experience with my husband to make me realise it wasn’t ‘imagination’ or ‘wishful thinking’. Now it’s a great source of comfort. I love that readers write to me to share their own experiences, often for the first time, after reading one of my psychic romance novels. And that IS a very special connection.

4) You write about horoscopes in Under The Stars and Quintessentially Yours. Do you follow any professionals and have you ever had a personal horoscope made? If so, what were the two best things about it?

I’ve followed Jonathan Cainer for many years and am a 5-star member of his website. He’s uncannily accurate and told me back in 2009 that I would be pursuing a new career utilising my creative side more fully – he even gave ‘writing a book’ as one example! He has done my full birth chart and it covers a period of 15 years. One of the main things that stood out for me is that there would be times when I was going to be under a lot of pressure, but with the caveat that I would cope. I will admit that this year has been a testament to that, as I literally haven’t stopped! The other thing was that the planetary alignments would be giving me a lot of help at various times throughout that long span of time. We are going through one of those very positive phases now and last week A Cottage in the Country, published by Harper Impulse, hit the top 100 Kindle chart on While I believe very firmly in the power of astrology, I also know that it’s the readers and reviewers who help spread the word. So while I’m thankful to the planets, I’m equally as thankful to the lovely people who have supported me every step of the way! In truth I’m feeling blessed.and the rest is history!

5) In A Cottage in the Country you write about a house that needs a lot of work, but that’s well loved. Why have you chosen this topic?

While it is a work of fiction, and the characters are ALL fictitious, the basis of the renovation ‘story’ reflects what happened when we moved into our cottage in December 2013. The cottage wasn’t flooded, but most of the area around us was affected and we did, literally, spend the first night sleeping on the floor, as indeed, Maddie did in the story! It was such a comedic situation at the time – the central heating wasn’t working, deliveries couldn’t get through … and Christmas day with no kitchen, not even a sink to wash up in – well, I spent the day painting and my husband took down a wall. We laughed so much through that period, even though we were freezing most of the time and covered in dust – eating mainly sandwiches and takeaways! It was the perfect setting for Maddie, Lewis and Ryan’s story – which is about discovering who you are and being brave enough to step outside your comfort zone.

6) Several of your novels have been published this year. What’s the best thing about that?

It’s literally a dream come true. Any writer who receives a ‘yes’ from a publisher will know what a HUGE thrill it is! As I write across a couple of genres it has worked really well this year, as I feel each one published has the ‘right’ home. It’s also invaluable for me, as a fairly new writer, to work with different editors. I believe it is helping me to grow and take on board a lot of sound advice from some amazing people with a wealth of experience behind them.

7) What’s your romantic novels top 3?

If you are talking all-time favourites then:

Wuthering Heights – Emily BrontĂ«

The Angelique Series – Sergeanne Golon

Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

8) What are the three most important characteristics your main characters should definitely have?

A. First and foremost the desire to love and be loved.

B. Honesty – I wrote from multi points-of-view to allow the reader to share what’s going on inside a character’s head – which might be very different to the words they would choose to share with anyone.

C. A happy ending – I want a story to be uplifting, even if (and it’s only happened once so far) the ending can’t be the traditional fairytale one …

9) What’s the most romantic thing that ever happened to you?

My husband planned a trip to Paris without telling me and even contacted my boss (at that time) to book a week off for me! We had the most amazing time, which involved a trip to the very magical Palace of Versailles. Looking back on it I remember picnics alongside the river with wine, cheese and fresh fruit, a lot of laughter and seeing the Sacre-Coeur under a starlit sky. We stayed in a hotel on the edge of Montmartre and could see the outline of the Eiffel Tower from the balcony!

10) What can we expect from you in the future?

January 2016 sees the launch of my first Choc Lit book, with a second due out later in the year. There will be a Christmas 2016 novella … and two more works in progress to keep me busy! So watch this space ha! Ha!

Linn B. Halton's Books 

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And more!


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Nov 24, 2015

Book Review: Hold Me Close by Megan Hart

Amazon USA Amazon UK

Review by Suze

Effie and Heath were locked inside the same room for years. Both of them were abducted by the same man. They've been through many horrible moments together and formed a strong bond. Years later they are still seeing each other, but their relationship is difficult. They are causing each other pain. There's also a lot of passion and love, but destruction is a big part of their connection as well. Effie wants something different for herself though. She's determined to find someone normal and she tries to find this man via a dating site.

Effie has a daughter, Polly, who's everything to her. She a single mother who's doing pretty well as she seems to have everything under control. She has a nice house and makes a decent living as an artist. Beneath the surface things are different though. Heath is a big part of that. He loves Effie unconditionally and forever, but he can't seem to make it work. Effie has to come to terms with what happened to them and she's the only one who can do this. Does that mean she has to sacrifice what she holds so dear?

Hold Me Close is an intense novel about two people who have been through something terrible. Effie and Heath aren't gentle and kind when they are with each other. Their present will always be linked with their past. A lot has happened since then, but many years later Essie still hasn't been able to make the decision to keep him close. There's an element of danger and roughness and Essie craves it, but she can't give into her feelings for Heath entirely. This pushing and pulling keeps changing the balance of the story. I found it both interesting and fascinating to read about. 

Hold Me Close has some really hot scenes. It isn't a story that stays on the surface, it's deep with a lot of conflicting emotions and plenty of feelings. Megan Hart has managed to maintain order in the chaos this can bring. She's totally in control and therefore the story is really, really strong. It's gripping from the first page and I couldn't put it down. This is a book that will keep the reader in its power from beginning to end. If you're looking for a meaningful, profound, moving and sexy story I highly recommend this book, it's absolutely incredible.
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